music producer, live electronics musician and audiovisual performer.

As a music producer and performer he plays his own electro-jazz and experimental ambient music repertoire.

Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

He composes theatre music and illustrates silent movie screenings with modern soundtrack (ex. “Faces of Children” 1923, by Jacques Feyder; "Cabinet of Dr.Caligari" by Robert WIene 1925).

He is a member of Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music ( PSeME) - a Polish department of CIME/ICEM in Bourges supported by UNESCO.

He coproduces contemporary jazz music projects and performs with renown jazz music performers i.e in a concert-movie performance with Polish trumpet legend Tomasz Stanko, Mariusz Wilczynski and Wlodzimierz Kiniorski (with whom he coproduces an improvised jazz duo Kinior & Makaruk). He also cooperates with world-class jazz violinist Michal Urbaniak as well as with other performers: Tymon Tymański, Mamadou Diouf and others.

He is also an author and composer of Taboo Folktales project and music album (Erotyki Ludowe) - an attempt to contemporary interpretation of Polish traditional music.

He is a grand prizewinner of the International Contest at Les Bains Numeriques #9 Festival for the duo performance with the project Dimension N with Alba G Corral [ES].

He was a member of Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes 2016 programme hosted by Transcultures - Interdisciplinary Center for Digital and Sound Cultures

Makaruk performed on:
- Festival des Bains Numeriques #9, Enghien les Bains 2016
- CitySonic Festival 2016, Mons (Dimension N)
- Live Cinema Festival, Rome 2016 (Dimension N)
- CYNET Art Festival 2008 Dresden
- Festival Synestheses 2006, Bourges
- Sperm Festival 2007 Prague
- Viathea Festival 2005, Gorlitz
- Fusion Festival 2006, Germany
- Polsk Jazzfestival 2004 (with Kinior & Makaruk), Stockholm
- Klubb Europa DJ Tour 2007, Sweden
- Polish Sound Art in China Festival (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen) 2006
- Mood Indigo Festival 2008, Mumbai, India
- Audio Art Festival 2009, 2013, 2015, Cracow
- PatchLAB Festival 2015 (with Dimension N) Cracow
- Light Move Festival 2013, 2014, Lodz, Poland
- Ambient Festival 2011, 2014 Gorlice
- Lalaland Festival 2009 (with Kinior & Makaruk), Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
- Film Polska Festival 2007 (with M.Wilczynski, Tomasz Stanko, Kinior), Babylon Cinema, Berlin

As an audiovisual performer he creates interactive visualisations and interactive architectural installations. He also writes custom software in Max/MSP Jitter and Java for theatres and uses it for stage light, sound and video engineering live. Realisation cooperation with Mabel Octobre Theatre, France staging in theatres:
- Confluences, Lieu d'engagement Artistique, Paris
- L'apostrophe - Théâtre des Arts, Cergy
- Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil
- Le Grand R Theatre, La Roche-sur-Yon
- Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Genève

He is an initiator and Artistic Director of Moving Closer Innovative Art Festival organised in Warsaw, Poland and Laserowa Noc Festival organised in Kielce, Poland.


Produced, initiaded and curated by Makaruk as Artistic Director.


Hosted annually in Warsaw since 2009.
Featured: Jon Hassell (premiera w Polsce), Mike Ladd, Yoshihiro Hanno, Aoki Takamasa, Thomas Fehlmann, Tomasz Stańko, Kim Cascone, YeShe, Tymański Yass Ensemble, Mariusz Wilczyński, Svante Henryson, Milosh Luczynski, MOB (Dedale, Paris), Sean Baxter, The Next, Atilla Csihar, Mikołaj Trzaska (Shofar Quintet), Wojtek Mazolewski, Lean Left, Carl Michael von Hausswolf, i wielu, wielu innych.



For performance booking and media:

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ul. Ciołka 16
+48 609 628 289

Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

For new project ideas, concept work or general questions contact me directly:

Dariusz Makaruk
Warsaw, Poland
dmdarma [at] gmail.com
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