"Boundaries" is a large scale audiovisual project uniting animation, music and lighting in a one of a king multimedia show. The animation is produced in full 3D technology and music and sound effects are 100% synchronised with the show. Boundaries is a performance of dance choreography in an immersive environment created by video projection.
Projection is generative, computer-made live by a custom computer software, written for the project by Dariusz Makaruk.
Thanks to the responsive combination of real and virtual environments, the dancer can enjoy live projection, creating timeless poetry based on a digital scenario and a visual language based on fun and fantasy that captures the infinite imagination of a free mind.
We are independent video mapping producers - meaning that the quality and reliability is guaranteed by our team at every stage of show production.

The video shows one of our realisations - Boundaries performance - with Basia Lipinska, premiere in Ostroleka, InQbator Festival 2017


The system is based on high efficiency multimedia projector hardware and author's software. The multimedia, music, concept, storyline, sound design the animation is produced by our team.

All multimedia and video can either be static or interactive and generated by the interaction of the performer.


Production: Dariusz Makaruk

Cooperation: Barbara Lipinska


For performance booking and media:

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Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

For new project ideas, concept work or general questions contact me directly:

Dariusz Makaruk
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dmdarma [at] gmail.com
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