The theatre performance Body of Woman 1 (Corps de Femme 1), is produced by Mabel Octobre Theatre and directed by Judith Depaule.

It is the first Chapter 1 of the tetralogy Body of Woman - Poland.

design, staging, Judith Depaule
dramaturgy Thomas Cepitelli
assistantship staging and scenography Pia Partum
music Laurent Dailleau
lighting design Pocheron Bruno
Rossi Martin governed lights
accompanying Body Mind Centering Tamara Milla-Vigo
technical direction Tanguy Nédélec
video and sound recording Mateusz Wajda
Animation Marta Pajek
Engineering, programming Dariusz Makaruk
building Bartlomiej Klosek
suits Cyprian Medard Cieśliński
Marie Basquiat (role created by Warsaw Boguslawa Schubert)
and video Kamila SKOLIMOWSKA, hammer thrower, Marta Kalinowska, fashion director at Elle - Poland Marie Basquiat, Fabien Audusseau and Judith Depaule
production Mabel Octobre (conventions and DRAC Ile-de-France) co Teatr Polonia Warsaw (Krystyna Janda Foundation)
with the support of the Embassy of France in Warsaw, the French Institute of Warsaw, the Goethe Institute Warsaw of Poland, festival Moving Closer, media partners Radio Zet,, Sportiva News, Sports and Women Télédebout
residence recovery Confluence (Paris)

Available on tour

The system of audiovisual engineering is based on custom software written in Max/MSP Jitter and Java environment by Makaruk which allows for realtime synchronisation and custom playback technique of audio and video.


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