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Makaruk - Polish Taboo Folktales (Erotyki Ludowe) is an album presenting all shades of love.

Once again I recommend, it’s really worth it!

It’s an intriguing merge of enterteinment and traditional music.

Something like this has never been seen on the Polish music market!

Makaruk - Polish Taboo Folktales album (Erotyki Ludowe) is chosen by us for the album of the month in October.

Soon a premiere of an album showing the depth of polish music.

It’s a very innovative project.

Grzegorz Ciechowski have already recorded an album “Piejo kury, piejo” and made it a sex-filled music hit, but Dariusz Makaruk went even further. He collected over a dozen of the folk_PL songs, wrapped them with electroacoustic sounds and released as Erotyki Ludowe album (Polish Taboo Folktales).

Big respect for such a beautiful approach to polish ethnic music.

Ranne Kakao, Roxy.FM (Tymon Tymański, Piotr Kędzierski)

This is an album forth coming back to. and rediscover the richness of texts and stylistically varied music. In my opinion it’s one of the most interesting and worthwile albums of the 2012.

,Erotyki ludowe'' (Polish Taboo Folktales) is an exceptional piece of work (...) In this colorful paysage of ideas and melodic solutions, right on the electronic surface Makaruk has showed the strength and potential of traditinal song. That’s why I think many young listeners, previously unattentive to folk_PL music, will find that album very interesting.

Erotics is not always a tall blonde, it can also be a choir of ladies in folk_PL dresses, singing with a traditional voice that makes you tremble.

„ Taboo Folktales" (Erotyki Ludowe) is something of a complex and dramatic listening collection, where you can hear elements of jazz-rock of the 70‘s, but also a lot of artrock and clasical psychodelia. Folklore of North and South Americas has always been fascinating, same with mediterranean not to mention the all- being jewish music. But thanks to this album you can find, that Polish folklore does not have to be a rough village fun and that it can be inspiring in a really strange conventions.

Fans of etno sounds should reach for the latest album of Makaruk. Old, traditional texts (mainly erotic) and melodies are served in an interesting jazz-electronic sauce.

Dariusz Makaruk gives polish folklore a shape of a tasteful instrumental music.

Makaruk has a wide musical consciousness and is a skilled producer and arranger. He set himself an uneasy task; I can’t recall a more surprising approach to traditional music.


The band promotes the record “Erotyki Ludowe” (Taboo Folktales), released on the 8th of October by Karot Kommando label. The album features: Michal Urbaniak (a world class jazz violinist and composer), free-jazz guru Tymon Tymanski, Tuvan khoomei throat singer and shaman Gendos, and others.

The album includes 13 tracks, amongst them: melodic ballads, lullaby, funeral song, romantic and humorous joke songs.

Concerts of Makaruk band are filled with illustrative sound impressions, magic, traditional mysticism and trance. However, often the music switches into humorous vocal and music jokes full of spontaneous energy and instrumental improvisation, which reveals the spontaneity and freedom of polish traditional and jazz music together.

Jasio Konie Poil PT5M50S
Na Cmentarzu Mieszkac Bede PT5M50S
Skoro Przyjechali PT5M50S
Kolysanka Lulu Dziecie PT5M50S
Dunaju Dunaju PT5M50S
Czyście Radzi PT5M50S



Makaruk - Taboo Folktales(pl. Erotyki Ludowe) is amusic concert project, which connects polish traditional music with modern arrangement and jazz composition.

The concert repertoire includes songs about love, betrayal, affection but also it contains ballads. songs about death, impermanence. The spectrum of emotions played during the concert is very wide.

The sound of the band is an innovative and previously unheard of mixture of interesting jazz arrangements, classical sounds, colorful polish traditional texts and traditional melodies as well as wide and deep electronics.

The totality is fulfilled by the appearance of the award-winning polish traditional female choir, singing in an exceptional timbre, typical for East-European folk_PL music (Singers Ensemble of Ruda Solska) and a special guest Tymon Tymański, a renown polish jazzman.

Available on tour.


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