"The Maid" is an interactive object for public allowing for anyone to play music and video using the handle of an old, Polish washing machine called "Frania". No special skills are needed to perform. Anyone can use the object. It can be installed in an open public space, on stage or virtually anywhere where there is a bit of space for movement.

The video shows the object as presented on Hasarapasa Festival.


The system is based on sensor control hardware and author's software allowing anyone to create music and visuals on the go while performing. The music inside the object can be uploaded dynamically.

No part of the show is a playback - all sounds and video are interactive and generated by the interaction of the performer. The software is written in Java, Max/MSP Jitter environment.


Programming and design: Dariusz Makaruk


For performance booking and media:

Boom!Group Agency
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Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

For new project ideas, concept work or general questions contact me directly:

Dariusz Makaruk
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dmdarma [at]
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