The performance is called "Personality Test". It is based on the concept of 6 cardinal personality archetypes described by C.G.Jung. The archetypes - according to Jung - constitute the complete personality of every person. Each of us has a different percentage of each archetype within.

The performance presents the following parts:

- The Innocent
- The Caretaker
- The Explorer
- The Warrior
- The Magus


The archetypes are presented using audiovisual and gesture symbolism. Choreography is partially pre-planned but is also open to improvisation, which allows the performer to concentrate on the body and its reactions.

The symbolism of movement and sound/video is not direct but paralell - different movement and audiovisual images represent the same concept simultaneously.


The system is based on motion tracking hardware and author's software for Kinect allowing them to create music and visuals on the go while performing. The system also allows for improvisation, based on the awareness of the performer's body.

No part of the show is a playback - all sounds and video are interactive and generated by the movement of the performer. The software is written in Java, Max/MSP Jitter environment.


Composition, programming, performance: Dariusz Makaruk

- Malgorzata Gajdemska
- Tomasz Cedro

Available on tour.


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