Animation moves in sync with the sound musicians play. It therefore creates an impression that the video is an integral part of the whole performance - it is takes on a role of additional human performer rather that passive decoration of the show. The sound of each individual instrument is fed to the video projection system to control the animation. Therefore a solo instrument can animate one part of the picture while the drums can animate some other part of the screen. It has very low latency so it is always in synchronisation.


Apart from predefined patterns and software generated algorithms the video can also be composed of live camera feed. The cameramen are using HD steadycams and are filming the musicians at play while simultaneously sending the close shots straight onto the screen for music-controlled transformations. All in realtime.


The interactive projection is possible thanks to the custom software (written in Java, Max/MSP Jitter, Quartz Composer by Dariusz Makaruk). It also means that possibilities for new visual ideas are endless. The system can be axpanded to animate hand drawn frame by frame animations, transform photographs, generate live fractals based on math algorithms, adjust to the surface projection (live environment video mapping), generate particle based movement, be subject to physics engine and motion dynamics animation live, mix vector graphics with pre-recorded footage and live camera feed.

Feel free to contact me and submit new ideas for live concert visuals or custom made software.


My past realisations and clients for custom made visuals include:
Możdżer+ Solidarity of Arts Concert in 2011 (with Leszek Możdżer, Marcus Miller, Nana Vasconsellos, John Scofield and others)
Jazz Jamboree concert in 2010 - Sala Kongresowa in Palac Kultury i Nauki, Warsaw
BMW Urbaniak All Stars - in the grand hall of Teatr Wielki, Opera Narodowa - featuring Michal Urbaniak, Monika Bożym, Ladora Knight, Don Blackman, Troy Miller, Femi Temowo, Otto Williams and others...)
Concert of Tomasz Stańko in Manufaktura, Łódź
Concert of Magda Navarette in Och Teatr, Warsaw
and many others!


For performance booking and media:

Boom!Group Agency
Anna Pupin
Warsaw, Poland
ul. Ciołka 16
+48 609 628 289

Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

For new project ideas, concept work or general questions contact me directly:

Dariusz Makaruk
Warsaw, Poland
dmdarma [at]
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