Electronic Music Live

HACKER'S DUB is the dub techno album by Makaruk feat. hip hop artist Andy Ninvalle. It's a concoction that blends EDM with the laid-back grooves of reggae.


A Unique Act

If You are as far from the mainstream just like I am then I hope this concert will gather a lot of people who value originality.

High-Energy Performance

Music is a magical space beyond personality and beyond daily routine. Forget Yourself, and get into a state of trance to access Your energy within.

Immersive Experience

Immerse Yourself in a concert with stunning visual effects which not only entertain, but also tell a story.

Promo Music Video

Video by:
Sebastian Wiśniewski - shooting. editing
Klaudia Gajkowska - production


My Best Electronic Music Tracks in one album

How to deliver the top music experience? As a DJ or an Artist? 

There is nothing better than going out on stage and playing for anyone who wants to listen to me. Performing, electronic music feels like a reward and a privilege and I always feel it each time I go out on stage. This album is a mixture of dark techno trance, and EDM flavoured with my personal experience in jazz and reggae music.  It’s also a strange fusion of experimental reggae music and ambient, something you don’t often hear on Spotify suggesting You most famous dance music or the best electronic albums of all time. It’s an attempt to prepare a great concert and have some freedom with playing music live while giving it a modular structure.  It’s something for the fans off electronica and the fans of artists like Aphex Twin, Pole, Rythm & Sound and Thomas Fehlmann - which I myself am a great fan of. 

Apart from music production which is all about electronic innovation I also happen to play DJ gigs from time to time. It’s an immensely satisfying experience to be able to quickly interact with the energy of the public. A few years back it was considered to be a completely different experience than music production and live act. Nowadays, I think they blend with one another - much to the benefit of the audience.

Hacker's Dub - Electronic Music Album

A 2023 Hacker’s Dub music show now evolving into audiovisual immersive experience

This performance was played in small clubs for local audience, but with my experience of creating a large-scale audiovisual shows it can easily fill out large multimedia spaces. The electronic sounds of synths and club music are just a few of the reasons to meet on the dancefloor. The real reason to make this project was to inspire the meetings of people of souls of minds, and of hearts that create a harmonious environment and euphoric energy. It is only possible during a live concert performance - either in a local club or in a festival-sized venue.

A lot of people say that you don’t listen to music anymore. You watch the music - and there might be some truth in it. Adding a video story to the music performance can bring out more meaning if it’s done properly. And by properly I mean the perfect sync with music beat, and a  clear and understandable message. There is nothing more fun than creating a video for music or a music for a video. I think it’s the ultimate artistic punch and leaves the biggest impact during a stage show.

Adding a layer of cultural depth and a dash of street cred to “Hacker’s Dub,” features Andy Ninvalle, aka Stewlocks, a trailblazer from Guyana who adds a layer of cultural depth and a dash of street cred. Andy is a pioneering figure in the rap scene and street dance culture of the early ’80s. His journey from being a vanguard of urban art in Guyana to becoming an acclaimed dance educator and performer across Europe, intertwines with his steadfast commitment to authenticity and positive energy.

Immersive Experiences: How Electronic Music Artists Are Redefining Live Shows - what was an inspiration to this project

In the realm of electronic music, artists are transforming live performances into immersive experiences every day. With synths and deep house rhythms, they curate hypnotic, dance-inducing playlists that resonate from Manchester’s iconic clubs to London’s underground electronic scenes. DJs like Danny L and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith blend genres from R&B to trip hop and hyperpop, creating purely electronic tracks that redefine the essence of a rave. Four Tet and Lila Tirando a Violeta, known for their ambient and experimental music, offer a mesmerizing auditory journey in their live shows. Using platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud, these artists connect globally, remixing classics from Depeche Mode to Beyoncé, while pioneering in genres like acid house and Detroit techno. This evolution in electronic music production heralds a new era, where each live performance is not just a show, but an unforgettable, multidimensional experience.