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Relieve stress, calm anxiety, and enhance sleep and study. Enjoy this free meditation music and deep focus relaxation sounds by Makaruk!

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Pink Noise

Pink noise sounds like a waterfall. Each octave interval (halving or doubling in frequency) carries an equal amount of noise energy.

Red Noise

Brown noise, also known as red noise, is the type of signal noise produced by Brownian motion, hence its alternative name of random walk noise.


Sound of Polish birds and an open space wind gust. I recorded this during a hot summer while on a retreat trip to mountains.


A fast paced train. Recorded during a ride in one of the old polish car trains which still remember the time when there was no TV or internet :)

Crickets in the grass

Hot summer day crickets in the grass with a fly passing by recorded on a hot day with an ambience of wind and faraway traffic.

How did I make this focus music set? The story behind

I have 20 years of practice in meditation, but I have also been developing my artistic technology and composing music for the similar amount of time. Sometime ago, while I was working on a new project demanding focus,  it occurred to me that it’s easier to work and concentrate when my mind is not only thinking but also listening to the environment. Being focused on the sounds which are present here and now has a deep benefit of bringing mind to the present moment. And the present moment is all You’ve got :)

I produced this soundset using my own field recorder Zoom H4, a hardware synth Clavia Nord Wave 2 and some cutom built software sythesizers. Feel free to listen to it anytime You want.

Meditation Music by Makaruk

What is white noise and brown noise? What does it do?

White noise, often compared to the sound of static on a TV or radio, is a consistent blend of all audible frequencies. This harmonic blend creates a soothing auditory backdrop that masks other sounds, promoting a sense of tranquility. As a therapy tool, white noise has proven effective in enhancing concentration, aiding sleep, and mitigating the impact of external stressors.

Brown noise takes its name from the deeper, “brown” frequencies in its spectrum. Characterized by a lower pitch and a more profound sense of calm, brown noise mimics the natural sounds of waterfalls or thunderstorms. This deep resonance has been linked to improved focus, relaxation, and a reduction in anxiety levels.

Meditation music vs nature sounds - why focus music does not need to be peaceful?

Contrary to the perception that focus music must be conventionally peaceful, the essence lies in its ability to engage the brain deeply. The inclusion of isochronic tones, white noise, or even brown noise introduces elements that enhance concentration, foster mental alertness, and guide individuals into a state of deep focus.

Including calming music in focus-oriented compositions acknowledges that the path to focus often involves navigating through moments of stress and restlessness. Healing meditation music, with its dynamic range of tones, aids in the mental journey, offering both solace and focus-enhancing elements.